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Sound output changes every time with wireless adapter


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Those of you with the wireless adapter: have you figured out a way to always have the sound output to the Vive when it’s connected without changing audio settings every time?


I run an arcade. For the past 2 years, I had sound output to a TV and mirrored to Vive and rarely had to change the setting. Now, every time I start up the wireless adapter, I have to go into the audio settings and redo the outputs otherwise it just outputs to the sound card which I don’t use. I have to do this on all 3 systems I have with wireless adapters. If you use the wireless adapter and don’t have to do this every time, can you please let me know what your steamvr audio settings are?

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Could you tell us what your SteamVR audio settings are? Maybe we can work backwards from there. You can also disable settings in Windows audio management. If you have a sound card you don't use, I'd recommend disabiling it in settings so it is not an option for the OS to default to. You can also change the default output device.

Thank you,

-John C

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