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Vive Pro on Razer Blade 2018 (GTX1070, 15")


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Hello community,

I just wanted to share some of the steps I took to get a Vive Pro working on a Razer Blade 2018 model (GTX1070 Max-Q, 15") as it involves a specific BIOS setting that I want to highlight. 


MODERATORS NOTE: IF YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO CONNECT TO A RAZER PRO, the RAZER PRO must support Displayport 1.2+. Many Pro models do not natively have a DP header but rather output DP via USB-C. You must call and confirm with Razer that your specific laptop model number support Displayport 1.2+ on that USB-C.


  • First you'll need a MiniDisplayport -> Minidisplayport cable. We recommend the 3 or 6 foot version of this cable: http://a.co/d/igTF62j
    • If you can't source this cable you'll want to look for a 3-6 foot mDP->mDP cable that's 4K compatible and can support at least 20gbps transmission speed. 
  • Next, boot your PC into Razer's BIOS by pressing F1/Delete at the OEM boot screen.
  • Navigate over to the "Advanced" tab and then scroll down and select "Thunderbolt Configuration"
  • Select "Discrete Thunderbolt Support"
  • This setting will be "Enabled" by default - you'll need to change this to "Disabled" to get the Pro to work. Once you disable it, save your change and exit the bios.  
    • If you use this port for other Displayport tasks, bear in mind that you may need to re-enable this setting to get the port to behave as desired. 
  • The Pro should now work with your Blade. You may need to update your Nvidia drivers to make use of the most recent performance enhancements.
  • As an optional step, you can go into Nvidia's Graphics settings and ensure that the preferred global setting for your graphics processor is set to "High-performance Nvidia Processor" (see screenshot below). 

This may work with other Razer models as well, but this guide is specific to the 2018 Blade. 


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