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Compatible Batteries for Base Stations? "12.6V -10,8V" OK? Cheap battery packs on Amazon, Ebay...?

Tobias Claren

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If I want to use a battery as a power source of the base stations (mobile and semi-mobile temporary use), 12.6V to 10.8V are OK?
1.5A is not a problem, batteries provide so much more power than power supplies.


Suggestions for cheap battery packs on Amazon, Ebay etc.?
Maybe battery packs for certain devices that you can "misuse"?
Batteries for certain devices (computer technology, tools ...) may be cheaper than universal battery packs.
Example for a universal pack:

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, since you're not using a AC/DC converter you'll want to match the output of the adapter as closely as possible to prevent damage. This battery pack outputs 12V at 1.5A and is reported by the community to work. We haven't tried that specific battery firsthand but it appears to contain the same 5.5x2.1mm plug that's required for the basestations.


Generally speaking, I'd recommend going with reputable brands for batteries beyond 10,000 mAh - high capacity batteries have greater potential to explode or ignite and more reputable brands build their cases to have some measure of puncture resistance and use flame resistant materials to contain any ignition that may occur. High cap batteries are something you should spend a bit more on; especially if you plan on flying with them as an auto ignition on an airplane could be disastrous and can get you into legal trouble. 


I personally prefer to use these batteries (1, 2) for my mobile kits because I try to avoid items with a single use-case. These can drive an entire powerstrip of devices including a laptop rather than just the basestations alone and it's always wise to have the AC/DC adapter onhand anyways in any case incase your battery dies. 

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