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Will the Vive (Vive Pro) wireless adapter be supported in Mac OS?


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The wireless adapter is only approved for Windows installations - as far as I'm aware there is not a published driver for the  underlying radio technology (Intel W13100) for MacOS and beyond the driver there may be deeper compatibility issues with MacOS/Mac HW.


I would actually recommend canceling your order or returning it if you're in your return window because as it stands the adapter is unfortunately a Windows only solution. 

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Thank you for your kind and detailed advices.

Actually it's OK, since I set up the Windows-based VR station for in case the board and adapter only support Windows OS.


What I am curious about is, since Apple show their ambitious interst on VR (and AR) in WWDC, and started to provide 'native' support of Vive Pro, isn't there some ongoing plan or roadmap to provide this wireless VR experience in Apple platform.

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