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Need help expanding playroom to 6m by 6m for vive pro 2.0 basetation


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Ive been trying to get this working for the research lab that im in. The vive support chat is absolutely useless. Ive had 6 different conversations and spend hour doing that they tell me. They even told me i need to buy a whole new vive pro set becuase I need 4 2.0 base pods for a 6m by 6m. Which i did and still the same problem!!!!

Im just trying to extend my room to 6m by 6m for during steamvr room set up its keep limiting me to 4m by 4m green square box.

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This gets into confusing terminology. Basically SteamVR limits your "play space" that's reported to the engine to a "roomscale" box that's 4x4m. The chaparones can extend beyond this space (allowing you to have much larger areas than what's allowed by default) but SteamVR does currently limit the space that's allowed to be reported to your game engine. I know it can make it much more difficult to initialize a warehouse scale app correctly as it affects your camera's origin point - this is currently a limitation of how the compositor works and while annoying you're still able to create a much larger chaparone. 

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