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Which antivirus software is safe when using VIVE ?


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I need to install an antivirus software on my new VIVE ready PCI. Could you please advise one that is compatible, efficient and won't hamper my VR activities ?

I read on the web that AVAST did "brick" the HTC VIVE firmware updates.

This is very alarming so I really need some help before installing anything.

thanks in advance

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Are you using an antivirus program on your VIVE computer without problems (either when the firmwares need updating or when running games without lagging) ?


Considering antivirus software may slow down the VIVE experiences, I'm currently considering setting up a firewall on another machine, white listing anything pertaining to VIVE or Steam. I'll let you know what we end up with :-)


Thanks for your answer nevertheless, I hope more people share their feedback so I take a decision in the best direction.

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