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Best Setup Configurations for 6 Vive Pro Bases in a Classroom Lab Space


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Hi All, 


We are BETA testing how to implement the use of VR in the edcuational setting. We purchased and have set up 6 stations.  All using channeled sensors but they are super unpredictable and unstable.  We would love suggestions as to how to fix this to make them funtion at a consistent level. Do we need cubicle-like partitions? We have been trying to use Viewport content and YouTube360 via the YouTube App. So many glitches: compositor, disconnect & reconnect of headset & controllers, SteamVR crashes incessantly, lack of audio randomly. ...

Thank you all for any tips in setting up a space that can handle 6 stations at a time. We have all the accounts set up properly, as to Viewport and Steam and YouTube. We are using Omen X laptops with specs that match needs per HTC Vive Pro site. 

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