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HTC vive base station won't work.


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I work in a VR Arcade in Morocco and have one HTC vive base station suddenly stopped connecting despite being on. It has only been in use for 3 months. I updated it, turned it on and off, rebooted the computer, reinstalled steam, swapped it to a different room and now the new room has that same base station not working. The LED remains blue. I got it working again twice or so but it dropped the connection 15 minutes or so later. Now is doesn't connect but is on. Anyone know what is going on? There is unfortunately no nearby HTC vendor to ship it and get it serviced. Thanks for your help!

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, I'll flag someone from our EMEA team about this.


That said, your basestation does not display the typical failure signs. If the basestation needed a physical repair it would likely display a "fault 02/03" error message and have a red blinking LED. 


My best guess is that you're having an issue with bluetooth power management sending the basestation into standby mode. Out of curosity, how do you have them set up? Are you using the sync cable? Are they on channels A + B or B + C (or somehow are they both on the same channel)?


I would recommend walking up to the basestation that is currently blue, and as carefully as possible hitting the channel selection button on the back of the basestation (being extra careful not the move the basestation) - it should wake up the station and cause it to start sending out tracking data again. If this works, a hardware RMA can likely be avoided and we can look into other ways to get this reliably working. 

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Thank you very much for your prompt reply.


We have disabled all Bluetooth power management several weeks ago. Since we have multiple rooms when one computer goes to sleep all base stations get signaled to go to sleep even if the other computers are still using them. Power management shouldn’t be the issue. Especially since out of the 6 base stations operating, only this specific one remains blue.


Re your question, we have them set up above head, in line of sight of one another, plus a sync cable on channel A + B. We switched channels between stations (B + A) and also tried B & C without a sync cable. We also switched the base station to a different room as stated above. It doesn’t matter what we do, that specific base station remains blue. However, every now and then it does wake up then goes back to blue on its own while the remaining stations stay put.

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