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Vive headset connected but not tracking

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I have a problem and it started this week. The problem is that the first couple of minutes the vive works fine but then suddenly the headset is still connected but it is not tracking anymore. On the steamvr program, it is saying that I have to make sure that the base station can see the Vive headset but I can clearly see it. I have also connected the sync cable but it is still not working. The error message is (-102)

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I have the exact same problem.

Both base station function in "A" mode.

Chatted with vive support who suspected the headset.


Tested the base stations, headset, and controller’s at a friend’s place who also has a vive. Everything seems to work fine at his place. Does not seem to be a hardware issue so sending it to HTC would probably be useless.


I uninstalled the steam client, restarted and reinstalled it with no effect. I have noticed one thin. Maybe you can confirm this. If my headset is out of view of one of the base stations the error disappears. As soon as the other base station sees the headset the error 102 comes back. I think my next step will be to uninstall all the drivers.

If you resolved the problem I would love to know how.


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Can you elaborate on "Both base station function in "A" mode."? 


Are you saying that they each work individually when on channel A (which can be used as a single channel mode) or are you saying that both base stations are in channel A mode and visible to the HMD? If the latter, that's not the intended setup. 

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