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SteamVR freezes


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I got HTC Vive Pro 4 days ago. It is my first VR hardware and I was initially very happy about the experience itself and the HTC's software (intuitive setup), however, it turned very sour too quickly. In less than 48 hours (without any particular tweaking of advanced settings on my behalf, etc.) I started experiencing the exact kind of problem described in this topic ( HTC Vive Setup Causes Computer to Freeze @ SteamVR Launch ) - errors about 'composer'. 'VR home' is visibly slow, showing 'not responding' message in red, and so on. Upon attempt to restart Vive or to close it - computer literally freezees very often (not always), I also got several BSODs in this way several times. Consequently, when this happens, I have to power off my PC, which can cause damage.


What I attempted to perform:

Full re-install of Steam (with manual cleaning of registry keys as described in knowledge base)

Full re-install of nVidia latest driver

Performing 'SteamVR settings > Developer > Remove all SteamVR USB Devices' as suggested in the linked topic

Attempting other suggested solutions (including setting different resolutions %)


Hardware is I7-8700K, GTX 1080TI (latest driver), 32GB ram, M2 SSD.

Windows 10 PRO, all latest updates

No third-party antiviruses/firewalls


As a side note, I also already experienced 'crackling sound' bug after headset woke up from standby mode - only adding to the mysery.


SteamVR is version 1.2.3 beta, non-beta version produced no difference.



Please advise how to resolve the issue.

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