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Controller track pad out of housing/loose


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Upon delivery and unpackaging of the product, I found that one of the track pads was out of its housing. It was still attached to the controler via a wire system, but it isn't easily usable in its current state. I would like to know if I need to return this product for a replacement or if it is fixable. I've tried customer support multiples times on multiples days and have been told to email every time, but I have yet to get a reply to any emails. If there is someone out there who can help it would be much apprediated.

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If it's brand new and you're getting a DOA component out of the box, contact the retailer and have it exchanged for a working unit. In general, if you have a broken component, there's not going to be a user-actioned fix for it. If you're outside the return period, send me a PM with details about your purchase.


-John C

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