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If i have motion sickness (don't know yet) and after i got my vive can i return it then?


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If i have motionsickness and my vive delivery takes over 14 days, can i still return it afterwords the 14 days policy? It would realy make me more sure about ordering from here. Just that if i can't return a thing for 600 euro if it is delayed over 14 days and i can't use it because of my motion sickness. ( i dont beleive i have that but need to be sure cause for the big money prise i spend )

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The policy is 14 days from the shipping date. It would be very unlikely that it would take 14+ days to ship to most locations. However, if you are concerned about motion sickness (A less and less common affliction these days.) I would recommend trying a Vive at a store or a friends house first, just in case.

Thank you,

-John C

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Adding on - I'm pretty susceptible to motion sickness and have zero issues with the Vive if the following criteria are met:

1) I am using a powerful enough PC to hit 90FPS. Typically this means a GTX1060/1070 as a miniumum

2) I am viewing good content. Bad VR = motion sickness. You'll want to primarily stick to roomscale/teleportation based games (i.e. Job Simulator) when you start off and avoid things with free movement (think traditional console FPS movement). Avoid seated VR experinces that use a gamepad for movement. The VR community has a notion of "VR Legs" which is similar to sea legs. There is some level of truth in it as you'll learn to navigate virtual worlds using the mechanisms that agree most with how your body and mind process the stimuli. 


If you're HMD is running at 90FPS and you're viewing good content, you'll likely never encounter motion sickness as the developers will have made the effort to ensure it runs and plays well. Ginger chews also help a ton. 


I've gotten VR sick maybe 5 times and have ~4 thousand hours of HMD time. In every case, it had to deal with either framerate, bad locomotion, or in one case a really awful movement platform that created stimuli that did not match the visuals. I'm the type of person who will instantly get sick if I look at a screen or try to read text while in a car or train so I'm definitely on the sensitive side. 

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The thing to keep in mind is everyone is different and react to VR differently. Once you have your Vive setup and running, make sure you set your IPD (distance between eyes) properly, adjust the head straps so your eyes see into the lenses "sweetspot" and also so the headset is as comfortable as possible. Once you get into a VR experience (I would suggest a few VR experiences where you just watch what is going on instead of actually playing), when I first got into VR, I noticed that when the experience is going forward and looking straight ahead, things were good but if I looked to the side, then the quiziness started, that's until I got use to it and now it doesn't bother me at all. Worst comes to worst, when you start feeling just a little queezy, just close your eyes until the feeling goes away. Good luck and enjoy your Vive! :)

Regards: Jack

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