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HTV vive HDMI output (dev question)...


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Hi, I am a game/software developer (cant post in the developer section?) and completed quite a bit of "research" now using HTC vive in various game engines.


Without trying (yet), I was wondering what the actual output is from the HDMI vive box to the headset? Is it still a single display and the headset splits it ETC? (what would happen if i unplug the HDMI formthe headset and plugged it into a monitor?)


I ask because I am trying researching into a project where I want to use regular games (supported by HTC vive) but layer something on top of the video signal before it gets to the headset?


The only way i can think about doing this is have the HTC Vive HDMI go into another PC (via capture card), mix the 2 video layers up and then output them to the vive?


Is this doable?


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