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Base station not always detected?


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When I start SteamVR it will often not detect the second base station (labeled as "c").  The base stations have perfect line of sight (They are 7 feet up, with no obstructions between them at about a 30 degree angle).


I have not (yet) experienced any tracking issues, but I cannot tell if this is because the first base station is just good enough to compensate, or if its working despite the SteamVR dialog not thinking its connected.


Has anyone experienced this before?  Could this be an artifact of the base stations being a bit further away from each other than recommended? They are 1.1 m futher apart than the recommended distance, but when they detect each other, they work just fine.


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Make sure if you have one base station on channel C, the other is on channel B (Unless you're using the sync cable, in which case, you should set them to A&B)

It could be a distance issue as well. For best performance, stay within the guidelines provided by setup documentation.


-John C

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The sync system is the limiting factor on 1.0 stations - if you connect the sync cable (chan A & B) and the problem mitigates a bit than it's a distance issue. If you move the station closer and it's mitigated under optical sync, then it's definitely distance. Basically you may have to physically debug the setup since you're out of the approved use case (i.e. your stations are farther apart than the system was designed for). 

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 The main purpose of this post is to try and find out if it is something I should worry about at the hardware level (defective base station) or if its just my (unsupported) setup so I can get the part replaced (if its defective) while in warranty. 


Is this a normal/known side effect of having the base stations further apart?


 you said that the sync is the limiting factor, does that mean that 6.6 m should work fine (even if its not officially supported) if I am using a sync cable?  I can hook up a sync cable to them, but it would require drillng holes in my ceiling and I would like to avoid that if its not actually the problem.


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No - 1.0 base stations have a maximum rated range of 5M which is in part due to the hardwired limitations of the optical sync system. If you want a really detailed explanation on how this all works - 

 is a video from one of the key inventors of lighthouse tracking, Alan Yates ( ).


Using the sync cable definitely helps on longer setups but in either case, your setup exceeds the specifications for lighthouse 1.0 tracking and there's really no way around that. You can use this alignment tool to visualize the FOV of your station - you can use this to optimize the FOV to ensure your placement achieves the desired coverage.


If you want to debug a single basestation - you would unplug the other base station, switch the remaining station to channel A, and test the tracking. You would then do the same for the other station. 

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