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Change Tracker position for accessory mounting


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Hi there,

I see in the Vive tracker SDK it is possible to change tracker pose to accessory pose.  It gives examples for Unity and UE. 

However is it possible to change this for instance outside of Unity and UE?  Perhaps in the steam lighthouse config?

The reason I ask is that I would like to use this in a exsisting simulator that uses steam.  I am interacting with real world objects that mimick what is found in the simulator.  I have a tracker converted to be seen as a controller,  mounted  on my index finger (not the most comfortable - but it works)

The problem arises when my finger is even slightly tilted and because the tracker is 2 or so cm above the center point of my finger it causes the XYZ tracking to be  well off.  This can cause an issue with some buttons that are situated close together.

Does anyone have a solution or ideas?



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