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How to test the Classroom SDK?


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Hi guys,


I am trying to add support for the classroom SDK to our project.

Viveport DRM and Classroom seem to initialise properly.


For the Classroom SDK I have been able to integrate and test Resume, Suspend, and Checkpoint functionalities. Unfortunately, when testing the game against the provided viveport_classroom_api_demo_server.exe program, the Exercise I receive is of a different form to the one given as example in the documentation. Specifically I receive

id=123, title=1234, options=1)333 2)fff, timeout=60, answer=3333

where something similar to this was expected

title=which planet we live in, options=A:sun,B:moon,C:earth,D:mars, answer=C

Now, this makes me believe the format in wich we receive the exercise is not strictly defined, which brings me to the next questions.


  1. Is this a misunderstanding between the person who implented the server demo, and the one who wrote the documentation?
  2. Does exist and official template for the exercise?
  3. If not, how can we produce the exercise to send to the classroom listeners on the game?

It is not clear how teachers (or testers) can produce the exercises to feed to the listenting game. The whole process is a bit obscure to me. Can anyone please shed some light on this?




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