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Impossible: HTC Vive an onboard USB from ASUS M5A99X EVO (BIOS 1708)?

Tobias Claren

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Is it impopssible to use a HTC Vive at a ASUS M5A99X EVO Mainboard Onbboard USB?

With BIOS 1708:
"Enhance compatibility with some USB devices."
( https://www.asus.com/de/Motherboards/M5A99X_EVO/HelpDesk_BIOS/ )


Are there known incompatibilities?
I had tried with USB2 und USB3 onboard. I think, two different chipsets (or not)?

If this is impossible, are there any suggestions for a cheap USB controller card (some €/$ from China by ebay?), that is compatible?

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We've certainly seen reports of USB incompatibilities with the M5A99X EVO but these reports are mostly from the 2016 launch window so it's not something there's not really a wealth of recent data points on this MoBo. There are definitely some anecdotal stories of people resolving their USB issues by getting a new controller in combo with this MoBo. We mostly see reports about the z170 as it's more common.


I would say that it's certainly possible for the USB ports on Asus motherboards to be incompatible as they're often running a controller system called Asusmedia rather than letting the CPU act as the host.


The only USB card we recommend is from the brand Inateck - they've proven to be the most reliable USB controllers with Vive/Valve hardware. This card is known to be compatible with Vive and is on the affordable end of the PC hardware spectrum. 

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