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Base Station Compatibility


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Based on the Faq, for the base stations, it sounds like you can't use version 1 and version 2 base stations together.  Is this correct?  I had a gen 1 basestation die, but am leery of sending it off for repair after reading on the board.  Looks like the ones they sell on Amazon are version 2 and I'd rather not have to buy 2 new base stations and have to throw one away. 


Anyone had any luck mixing the two?

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They can't be used in the same area without physical separation between the systems (i.e. on on the same headset). BS 1.0 uses high intensity IR LED flashes to sync the timing system - the 2.0 stations lack the sync array but since devices with 2.0 sensors can accept both 1.0 and 2.0 tracking data - the 1.0 flash will register as an optical sync attempt causing the system to disregard the 2.0 sweep data or simply glitch hard. 


2.0 stations are not available for individual sale yet pending a wider release from Valve. What you're seeing on Amazon likely isn't a legit way to end up with 2.0 stations - HTC is currently the only authorized vendor and we're limited to only distributing them within the enterprise full kit. 

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