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Question about the Lighthouse Sensors


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So first I should tell y'all that I haven't recieved my Vive yet. I get it this Monday and I'm so flippen excited about it that I keep watching youtube vids about it... Anyways... I know that each sensor has to be plugged in to a power outlit and I also assume that each one needs to be plugged into my laptop. I have one sensor that I can just put right above my laptop because my computer desk is right in the corner of my room. I'll have to put the other sensor across the room in the other corner. My question is do the usb cords run long enough for me to do this or am I going to need to go to walmart and pick up usb extender(s)? I thought about buying tripod stands but the ones I saw were a little expensive and I just spent $500 on my vive soooooo yeah. Thanks for any info y'all could give me!

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Hi , 

Super excited for you - those first few days in VR are pretty magical. 


So here's the deal - what you're describing is how Oculus works; you have sensors that you plug into your laptop and each sensor occupies a USB port. Vive is different in the sense that the sensors are embedded on the headset and the basestations are passive devices which spit out IR tracking data into the environment for any compatible device to see. You mount the two basestations in the opposite corner of your room at about a ~6-7 foot height with a 15" max distance, angled slightly downward; you don't need to connect the stations to the PC because the sensors are in the HMD which is connected via the HMD's teather. With Vive you only need to plug in one USB lead - the one that goes to the linkbox/HMD. The basestations have an ~8 foot AC/DC adapter so that's the only cable you need to worry about when it comes to the stations.


If you want a detailed explanation of how it all works, you should check out

from the system's prinicpal engineer, Alan Yates ( ). It's amazing any of this works at all given all of the moving parts. 

Hope this helps and best wishes, 

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Ohhh okay.. Thank you for the reply. Yeah I was under the impression that each sensor had to be directly connected to my laptop even if it was across the room. It's nice to know the only thing I need to do is connect it via the linkbox. Thanks again and I can't wait to start using my HTC Vive! Monday just can't get here fast enough.

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