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Brand New Base Station/Lighthouse


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I am ordering a new one tomorrow. I keep reading horror stories and reviews on how I need to order two(?).


If I get a new base station, it will work with my older base station, correct? I don't really need to order two, do I? (Feels very stupid for asking this question). 


The old will sink up with the new?



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Can you clarify what you mean by "Old" vs "new"? There are several different revisions of the 1.0 base stations and also for the 2.0 base stations.

1.0 base stations and 2.0 base stations will not work together. 2.0 Base stations will not track 1.0 components.

Thank you,

-John C

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Well, I guess that is my issue. I have been trying to figure out what old and new is. I bought my Vive Exactly two years ago tomorrow. 799.99 


It is black... NOT blue... Not Pro...


So what version do I have? Specifically an area I have to look, etc?


One old tower is errored out and does not function. It has the firmware update bug but the fix no longer works. Just trying to get a new one. 

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You need a 1.0 basestation, and we currently only able to sell 1.0 basestations.


All SteamVR1.0 basestations revisions are cross compatible with each other. Eariler revisions such as the Vive-Pre basestation can work alongside the newest revisions without a hitch. 


You do not need 2.0 basestations (easily distinguishable by the curved front element); those are not compatible with your HMD. 

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