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Vive Pro Full Kit out of Stock - Can I Buy items one by one?


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Hello community,

this is my first post here, so hello to everybody.

I recently stepped in htv vive world, and i'd like to have some information. I buyed a Vive Tracker, to use it with Unreal Engine and there I did learn that I need other Vive pieces to make it work (doh!) , and I aimed at the Vive Pro Full Kit.

Unfortunatly is always out of stock, so I decided to buy single pieces as it turn out to be available.

But I am a bit confused about the Base Station, which is indicated to track a 6x6 mt large room using the unavailable Full Kit, while Starter Kit can track only 3x3 mt, so what is the difference between those station? Are those special Base Station only for the Full Kit? They look the same to me.


Also, what is the minimum pieces I need to gather to make my Vive Tracker work with Steam and Unreal? Can I assembe a full kit by buying items one by one?


Thank you very much

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