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HTC Vive Wireless multiple problems and looking if its fixable


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Hiya guys,


Ok, so I have a couple of concerns and would like to know if there is a fix at all for these.


First one is:

When the HMD battery runs out or either disconnect the battery, for some reason steam always force switches my recording device on windows as then the HMD is not detected as a device, if I am playing a game such as VRChat that means each time I have to exit the game and go back in.

I have spoken to some others and they seem to get it too but have no idea how to fix this and I cant find a trace of this anywhere online.

Anyone know a fix for this?


Second one is regularly out of the blue my HMD screens just go black(off) and audio stops and mic stops, fools me to think that the battery has ran flat then I realise its still "on" with the green LED on the transmitter on (but Red LED on the HMD its self) and the battery has not even drained half way (for example half battery life but happens randomly).

Even if I leave the headset to see if it fixes its self it does not.
To fix this I have to pull out the power and plug it back in again so the HMD & wireless transmitter can reboot.


Lastly is just like that previous one, but instead the screen goes grey out of the blue for no reason, like when it loses tracking (so this time I still have audio and able to use the mic but just the grey loss of tracking screen comes up), it does lose tracking, but never regains. Again, to fix this I have to pull the power out.


For those last 2 I have also spoken to others in VR to ask if they get the same with wireless, while the black screen they say they don’t have, but all have said the grey screen seems to be far far more common than it used to be.


All 3 of these link up as when I get grey screen or black I have to disconnect the wireless, then when I do that I also have to change my recording device (mic) on windows then restart my game. This happens around 3 to even 6 times a play session (I live in vr so play sessions are like 8 hours long).


Anyone know any perm fixes for these?


These issues are not present what so ever when wired, leading me to believe its the wireless soley.

I only use the standard Vive but the exact same issues occur with Vive Pro users.


Thanks everyone.

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1. Disable any other recording devices while using VRchat. If they're disabled, Windows shouldn't change the recording device.

2. Not sure about that one. It sounds like it's timing out rather than losing tracking, but it shouldn't be doing that while you're wearing it/using it. Are you possibly losing internet connection or could something be disrupting your wireless signal? (Did you step behind a wall or structural support?)

Thank you,

-John C

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Hi thanks for the reply.

No, I’m not going behind any objects or anything, I could be just sitting in a seat and it would randomly go (with the receiver facing directly to the antennas. I am not sure what the backing out could be at all since I hear of no one else having this but as mentioned with the grey screen and not coming back till restarted the wireless transmitter, I have spoken with others in a VR game and they say they experience it too but recent month it’s much more common than it used to be.
As goes for interference it is just normal for a house hold that runs a VR headset, so a few Wi-Fi networks, and the VR equipment with 3 Bluetooth devices any where near (only 3 puck trackers nothing else).
I do not see at why a short blip in internet loss would stop the tracking and cause this glitch till the transmitter gets restarted but remain in games perfectly fine. And as far as I am aware, I get a constant 60mb/s min to 100mb/s in my house hold so no sudden spikes either that I have ever noticed.
It is hard to better fault find this as it is out of the blue this happens for no reason as mention, not moving around too much, no objects blocking, etc.
To be honest I’m not too sure if it’s a heat related issue since Vive didn’t really put a great cooling solution on this, it generates a lot of heat I’m surprised it doesn’t over heat critically.




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I mean it's a well known fact that the transmitter on the HMD gets really hot. And given if you might be in a hotter than average place. Whether it's country or in a apartment that has no ac (and health and safety can't have opening windows either) etc.


My current specs shouldn't cause any issues either.



Gtx 1080

16gb of ram. (I should probably get more but I don't think that in this situation would cause any issues)


And all my VR related stuff are located on a sad.

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