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Function Difference Between Get...() and Get...Ex()


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I was just wondering what the difference was between regular and Ex functions, for example ViveInput.GetPress() and ViveInput.GetPressEx(). And would there be a reason to use one over the other?


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Its a historical issue...

At first, ViveInput.GetPress only takes HandRole perameter.

After the Role Binding Update, custom role enum is supported.

I tried to add ViveInput.GetPress<TRole>(TRole role, ...) but the methods signature is ambiguous to ViveInput.GetPress(HandRole role, ...) because Unity was using older C# version.

(template specialization only supported in newer C# version)

It may not cause compile error if I just replace ViveInput.GetPress(HandRole role, ...) to ViveInput.GetPress<TRole>(TRole role, ...) but technically it changes the signature and also auto-completion for HandRole will be gone. (Considering developers will get panic when they don't know what TRole type should be)

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