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Vive Wireless and Ryzen


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A month or so ago my cat chewed my Vive 3-in-1 cable (for the second time!), so I decided to use my saved up GameStop credit to buy the wireless adapter. Bought it, set it up, and it's really choppy. I had an old CPU so I decided it was finally time to upgrade and decided to get a Ryzen. Now, obviously, I didn't see the tiny text on the bottom of the website saying some Ryzen CPUs didn't work. I assumed I'd be fine because it listed other AMD CPUs in the compatibility chart.

Turns out, it doesn't work. And I opened the box so GameStop doesn't accept returns. And I refuse to pay for shipping on a return to HTC because of an error on their part.

So basically, I spent $300+tax on a piece of junk that I can't use. It's been over half a year since it launched, and HTC hasn't said ANYTHING about a possible fix other than the "we're working on it" post from 4 months ago.


I guess what I'm asking is: Does anyone have any sort of workaround, or is there a chance of HTC getting off their asses and fixing it? Or should I just sell my headset and adapter and wait for the Valve Index?

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A couple of notes:

  • The statement I've copied at the bottom of my response has been posted on all places that list the Wireless adapter's minimum requirements since Novemeber. 
  • The Ryzen incompatibility issue isn't strictly an HTC driven or controlled problem - the underlying issue is currently believed to be rooted in the AM4/TR4 architecture itself. 
    • Our structured messaging is based in the fact that numerous OEMs and 3rd party companies are involved in our conversations.  Our hardware and software are only several components in the overall tech stack that makes a product like Vive Wireless work. 
  • We've had an official statement about the issue posted since November.
  • I'd recommend protecting your HMD from your cats; cats are a fairly common source of damage for VR equipment and urine damage from cats/dogs happens more then you'd probably imagine. 

Recently, compatibility issues have arisen when using AMD AM4/TR4 socket base motherboards with the VIVE Wireless Adapter. We are working closely with our partners to resolve this issue as soon as possible. If you have an AMD AM4/TR4 socket base motherboard, we recommend waiting on VIVE Wireless Adapter purchase until the compatibility issue is solved. Please keep an eye on the VIVE website product page for further updates

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