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One base station says it's not detected, but is found when searched and shows as detected.


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One of my base stations is randomly not working. It keeps switching between green and blue but doesn't stay connected. But when I do a "scan for base stations" it shows up just fine.


I reinstalled SteamVR and then it started working again, but I switched from a mini display port cable to a display port to HDMI cable, which no longer gave me a display on my headset, so then I switched back to the mini display port and it still wasn't giving me a disply on the headset, so I tried an HDMI cable and now I get a display on the headset, but the base station won't stay connected again.


It just seems like there's something wrong with the firmware or software, since the hardware all works perfectly, but only at separate times.

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The base station was set to "c", while the working one was set to "b".


It was working again this morning though, I spent an hour and a half in Elite Dangerous with no problems. Nothing was changed since yesterday though, I restarted my computer multiple times, restarted steam, and steam vr multiple times and even reinstalled steam vr and it wasn't working, yet now it is. Again another reason why I think it's some kind of firmware or software issue.


I'm not using the sync cables, since I don't even know what that is, do they come with the headset or something purchased separately? Is it the same as the USB cables?

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