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Headset not responding to free games (please someone do something ;-;)


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I have tried DMI, HDMI splitter"s" and even tried different HDMI ports, and none of these options worked when I tried to play free games on my HTC vive.  I have even contacted support from steam AND vive and I haven't gotten a response since.  I know that my computer has over the requirements for VR, and for some reason, it keeps going to my monitor instead to my headset.  I know it works, I have even left it loading overnight for the game to show up and I still got nothing.  I am not made of money and I am not gonna pay for any more games.   So someone better help me with this soon before I lose my mind, I have been trying to fix it ever since I got it and that was over a week ago.

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If it's in the monitor the game is already 'loaded'

The problem here is you're either not in Direct Mode, there's an issue with the cable or you're plugged into the wrong port on your GPU.

Please tell me more about what Vive you have and what your PC specs are.

Thank you,
-John C

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