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Red Light with a 208 error, Black screen, disconnecting USB sounds


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So ive been using my Vive for barely under 2 Months and on Monday it suddenly just stopped working. On the same day i had still played a bit of beatsaber  and it worked fine. Took a break to make some maps. Then returned to find that my headset would fail to turn on properly. When connected Steam gives a 208 Error and gives me a black screen with regular USB disconnect and reconnect sounds. The Sound channel for my htc pro strap also dissappears. Ive already tried resetting, reinstalling and plugging the USB cables in every imaginable Port. Ive tried all kinds of cables and combinations of power box arrangements. Ive tried installing and setting drivers back in SteamVr, SteamVr Beta, Graphic drivers and the USB devices too. 

TLDR: Ive tried any fix ive found online. Pretty sure this thing is bricked. Any advice?

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