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[SOLVED] Vive Wireless update 1.20190410.0 - WiGig card not found


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Just made the mistake of induldging the vive wireless app in its update. After clicking OK, it installed wigig drivers, connection utility etc, and when done it popped me back to the wireless app with the text not ready (101) and a message "WiGig card not found" - "Please shut down your PC and make sure the WiGig PCIe card is properly inserted."


Of course I am not going to go rummaging around in my PC when this card has been working for several weeks without issue and failed exactly when I installed drivers.


This seems to be a software/driver issue. I don't know if it makes sense to reinstall drivers at this point or wait for HTC to fix the issue. Luckily I should be able to play wired until such time...


Anyone know what could have gone wrong in the driver update? Does HTC have an error in the latest update?

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Can you provide me with the current logs post update going to Start-->Vive Wireless Folder--> Wireless System Info-->Collect Log & Collect System Info and send me the logs via PM.  I would like to send it to our engineering team with your symptoms to determine best course of action.  


Thank you for your time, sorry the update failed.  It could be simply reinstalling the drivers does the trick but I would like to get the guidance from our engineering team first.


Thank you,


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Welp, I saved the logs and then proceeded to uninstall VIVE Wireless which wiped the logs I saved (inside the install directory). oof. I have only the output of SystemInfo which shows that my card was present.


I saw people had the same issue on the update from 1.20181102.0 so my guess is a bug in the VIVE Wireless Updater. They all said the solution was to physically switch PCI slots, which would indicate Windows still remembered something about the device.


Anyway... I asked someone in VRChat and they told me exactly to fix it without switching PCI slots, so I will post the steps I took here in case other people encounter the problem:


  1. Uninstall VIVE Wireless
  2. Start Device Manager with the set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 variable set. For detailed steps how to do this, even on Windows 10,8 or 7, follow specifically the Windows 7 steps from here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/315539/device-manager-does-not-display-devices-that-are-not-connected
  3. Right click the Network Controller with a yellow exclamation triangle and choose Uninstall Device. If you have multiple Network Controllers, you can use the attached picture below as a reference image to compare Hardware Ids and make sure you choose the correct one. You should also see the word "iwigig" show up in the Events tab.
  4. Install VIVE Wireless

This brought back the Intel WiGig device for me!!! I just tested and I was able to successfully connect to the headset while on version 1.20190410.0


, I will send you what little log info I do have. Again really sorry it didn't occur to me that uninstall would wipe the logs.

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