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Lighthouse Bases: Real power consumption 30W? Voltage 12V, or also 10.8V to 12.6V (Li-Ion-Pack)?

Tobias Claren

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How many watts does the Lighthouse base really need?
The power supply has 12V and 2.5A, that would be 30W.
But the power supply and the base together supposedly only need 6W in operation (measured with a simple energy cost meter). If the power supply does not have 100% efficiency (it probably does not), the LH base needs less than 6 watts. Is this value wrong?
Why is the power supply 2.5A sized?
The power supply of the Connect Box has only 1.5A. Why two different power supplies? Are "0.5A" (6W) not enough for the LH base?

I want to know how long I can operate such a base on a rechargeable battery.

And how far may the input voltage vary?
Does the voltage have to be exactly 12V?
What about 10.8V to 12.6V from a lithium-ion battery pack.
Is 12.6V too high?
10.8V is too low (I assume there is no risk to test it)?

At 2.5A, the battery would last for 8 hours.
If it were not 30W, but 6W, the battery would last 40h.
More duration, or smaller battery.

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