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HTC does not stand behind there products even when used under normal operating conditions!!!


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To all that are haveing the same issues as I am currently haveing. I purchased the original htc vive headset for the premium price of 800 dollars now one might assume that for said 800 dollars a person would get a premium product that would function at or even above expectations? Everything started out fine when VR had only stand around games that required little to no movement but as soon as i purchased a game such as beat saber apparently the sweat that is produced from simply playing the game was overlooked by htc's design team..... because no more than an hour playing the game my headset stopped working. I had no idea why it stopped so i got ahold of tech support who logically ran me through the usual suspects to no avail then they generated a repair ticket i had to pay for shipping (wich was ok the first time because it was out of warrenty) i sent it in and it was back right at a month. no explanation as to what happened the first time that killed it but it costed me 270 dollars to fix (once again i had no idea what was broke and it was out of warrenty so i ate the cost and assumed i did something). the device came back i happily plugged it in and went to playing it and it lasted a total of 45 mins of playing beat saber... so i get on the site with tech support stateing that clearly they missed something because ive litteraly just taken this thing out of the box and it lasted 45 mins for something THAT ITS SUPPOSEDLY DESIGNED FOR!!!!! the repair person then drums up a new repair order i pay my own money AGAIN to send it into them only to get told that it has water damage so i have to cough up another 270 dollars to get it fixed... so at this point i do some research and turns out that even during normal use you can break your htc vive headset wich is marketed as a roomscale vr system that allows you to move and jump and etc by getting slightly sweaty playing the games it was designed to play. another fun fact to mention is that htc not only knows about this issue they modified there warrenty so that it deosnt cover sweat damage all in an attempt to push there poorly designed headset repair cost back onto us as the consumers. i told them i would not pay to have my headset repaired a second time when clearly it is a design flaw on there part and i was only playing the games this thing is meant to play and all they said was srry but we can offer you 15% off the repair cost but we cannot wave the cost because it is moisture damage... so it is sitting here at they will either send me back a broken headset or i have to pay the 270 dollars to pay for something i was neither warned could that could happen or willing to work with me to resolve this issue so i could be a happy customer. moral of the story here is that with a short google search you can see many many more stories of people that broke there headset by simply useing it for its intended purpose and htc does not stand behind the products they sell nor do they have to integrity to make things right when there products fail like other companys have. so keep this in mind when buying there future products

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