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Possible solution and error find for compositor is not available (422)


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I received the 422 error some times and started fail search. First I had in mind it could have been secondary monitors making an issue - as example Stream Deck.

Looking a bit closer into the readings I got from the Vive I saw spikes in the FPS read. And inconsistency and very high and continuously red spikes in the frame count when actually got the Vive to work again - these readings made the game unplayable. Shortly after that an error 422 occurred again.

I started to have a suspicion that it might be a technical issue with the cable itself and bought a new “Vive 3 in 1 cable”

I got my cable yesterday and after installing this cable today - without doing any new is talk of Vive or Steam - all my issues went away. I have no more 422 error, I can not see any armed spikes and I get a solid flat reading in green on the FPS count.


Anyone who tries this please let me : us know your results

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