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Pairing, floating, and unresponsive issues


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I bought the Vive Headset and 3 trackers about two weeks ago and am getting so frustrated with the issues I'm having that I'm beginning to consider sending everything back to Amazon where I purchased it. BUT I don't want to send it back, I want if to work, so I can have fun with it. But right now it is NOT fun.


First, the issue with pairing the controllers and trackers. I've removed all wireless devices from the area and have the Vive devices fully charged and yet it still normally takes me roughly 30 minutes to get everything paired correctly. Either SteamVR will jump the gun and say one of the devices is paired when it isn't, or one of the devices will turn green before SteamVR has recognized it. Or one of the trackers will refuse to even turn on until I connect it via USB cable and try pairing that way. I've even had several occasions where I'll get all but one tracker paired and suddenly SteamVR will decide it has everything paired and will refuse any more.


When that happens and often any combination of the others, I have to quit SteamVR and start from scratch. To make matters worth, as of yesterday SteamVR has started crashing on me, in the middle of pairing all the device. Then I have to start from scratch, one or more times. I'm REALLY getting tired of this.


Now  as though that was  not bad enough, once I do manage to get everything properly paired. Talking 30-40 minutes after I began the process, I'll finally put the headset on and notice that a third of the time any one of the virtual trackers is floating around. It will snap back after a few seconds, but then starts floating around again. Doesn't matter if the trackers fully charged or not.


As for the controllers, occasionally after spending so much time getting everything paired. Either the virtual controllers won't respond and will stay frozen, no matter were I move the physical controller to. Or the virtual controller simply won't show at all within VR. When I do have the virutal controller responding to movement, I've had several numerious occasions were the triggers will then stop responding. 

I REALLY want this to work, which is why I'm posting and asking for help. But I'm also equally frustrated because I've put in roughly about 40 hours of trial and error, simply trying get everything to work properly.


Also I should note, that this past weekend I spent some time even re-aligning the base stations and re-mapping the "play-area" to make certain that wasn't causing any problems. Along with calibrating the controllers. I even updated the firmware for the two controllers and three trackers via the SteamVR app. HOWEVER, the Base Stations refuse to update regardless of using USB or bluetooth. AND I have consulted the Vive help web pages for that, but it hasn't helped.

I've done every conceiveable thing I can thing of and find within the help pages, but I'm still having all these problems.


Since the day the Vive VR gear arrived, I've only been able to get about an hour and a half of actual game play out of them. The rest of the time has been figuring out why nothing will work the way it should.


So anyway, those are the issues I've been having since I bought and received all of this two weeks ago. I'd be grateful for any help. (By the way, I had used Amazon Prime for second day shipment).


Oh and just to mention, it isn't an issue with my computer. That has an Intel Core i9-7900X, 32GB Ram, Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit, eVGA 1080TI Graphics card. 2TB of hard drive and SSD space available. And when running SteamVR and anything specifically for VR, I close out of all but one or two sessions of Chrome or Firefox. Because I'm generally trying to run VR while searching for answers on why nothings working correctly.


So again, really hoping I can get some help on this. 

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