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Felt tip like line on Vive display


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Ok, this is a wierd one!


Moved house and have just setup my Vive again. The headset and everything were acked away for the journey. Now having fired it up again there appears to be a pink like, looks like a felt tip mark, on the screen INSIDE the headset. I assume it's a liquid mark or smudge on the screen that is altering the colours. It's annoying but I see no way to get in to clean the screen - only appears in one eye - see pic.




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Your photo unfortunately looks very consistent with what a sun damaged OLED panel looks like. When exposed to sun, the lenses of the Vive act like, well - lenses, and can focus sunlight onto the display and burn the OLED elements. This is why the Vive ships with a paper protection card in front of the lenses that specifically warns against exposure to sunlight. All current HMDs can be damaged in the same fashion. The streak typically correlates to the path of the sun as it moves through the sky and the intensity can correlate to the cloud cover. 


My best guess is that at some point during your move, that lens caught some sunlight. I don't think liquid would cause damage to such a hyper specific portion of the screen and other types of physical damage would likely affect the pixels around the obviously damaged ones or cause the entire panel to spaz out. 


Here are some other examples of sundamaged displays for reference:



3 (the exact same damage pattern on an Oculus) 

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