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Power Cord going into headset easily comes unplugged causing screen to go black


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When putting the headset on or off you have to adjust the cord on top of your head and doing so is often enough of a change to have it unplug slightly and if it isn't plugged back in fast enough I get a steam error and I have to restart my headset to get power back. How can I stop the cord from unplugging so easily? I am afraid of damaging it more with it continually losing power suddenly.


I still have tracking.
I get this error

The errors that come up in SteamVR are:

"SteamVR has encountered an HDCP error. Please create a SteamVR System Report for further info"
Except I have just the normal Vive not the pro.

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Everything looks completely normal, I have had it for a couple years maybe but very light use. Only started happening. I have only used it maybe a collective 20-30 hours in said years.  I opened the casing for the slots and everything seems correct and looks correct but the wire next to the audio wire does seem to have some slack and I can usually push it in a bit further. I assume this is the power connector. The 2 hdmi looking connectors apprear extreamely snug, as well as the head phone jack. I put the casing back on it slides and clicks into place it all looks correct but if I fiddle with the wires the headset flashes off as if the power is cut. The light goes from green to red on the outside (the status light?), the screens flash on and off if I fiddle with the cord but eventually stay off when the said error appears.

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If you're looking at the top of the HMD and the lenses are facing you, the order should be the following: 

Headphone -> Power -> USB -> HMDI -> USB Peripherals (unused by default)


It sorta sounds like there's a short/break in the very last few inches of the run. Have you attempted to fully remove the cables to re-seat them? There's a possibility of the jacks on the HMD being damaged but that's super uncommon - the cable itself is more likely to get damaged as it flexes and sustains forces. 

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