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Having problem updating vive pro


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Hey .. i have some problem updating my vive pro..

Im already successfully update my vive pro then a couple minute steamVR showing my vive pro need to be update agian ..

Anyone having same problem ?? And what should i do ?? Its third times updating and still same....

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First you'll want to check to see if any firmware is being updated. There's a pretty persistent bug within SteamVR where a device will say it needs an update when it doesn't. When you push the update, it just flashes the same image and the version number remains the same. We've seen several root causes of this but it's most commonly related to the USB controller that's used on the motherboard. The later versions of SteamVR have included patches to address similar behaviors but I still see similar reports in the wild.


You can go into SteamVR -> Create System Report -> Devices and screenshot that page to capture your reported firmware numbers. Next, you can run the update and then generate a new system report to see if anything changes. If nothing changed, it's likely the bug I described above and something you can ignore unless you really want to spend the time debugging the root cause.


There have only been a handful of updates for the Pro but they're cumulative; you shouldn't have to run multiple update cycles. The firmware updates have primarily been based around 2.0 tracking. 

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