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EULA question: distributing SRAniPal.dll

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Our company is developing a Unity plugin and we would like for this plugin to work with ViveProEye.

In order for us to make the plugin work, we need to use the dll-files  "SR_AniPal", "ViveSr_Client" and "SRWorks".

It's clear that if we built an application, the EULA permits us to bundle these dll files (redistribute) but it's not clear if we can do that if we are packing our code as a UnityPackage, which is developed further upon!


Can you please advise (quickly)!

Regards, David

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Hi David,

You can package and distribute. Please make sure to must pass onto any subsequent developer the confidentiality/privacy commitments in Section 9 as well as the developer privacy guidelines. This is required in Section 9©(vii) of SDK license agreement.

BTW what's your company?


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