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Gray screen and overheating problem.


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Sorry, I don't speak English. I'm using translate. Translation errors do not belong to me.

The biggest problem I have experienced after 2 years of HTC vive use is gray screen and overheating. This problem was happening especially in the summer months. I've spoken to HTC customer service many times. We couldn't solve the problem. Electrician investigated the cause of the problem in the summer. That's how we found the solution. The problem was caused by city electricity. Air conditioners, ventilators, and over-running led lamps that started to work in the summer months were harmonic fluctuating in the center where I received the electricity.

Solution: I had to put a harmonic filter in the city grid. But I couldn't because it was too expensive. The cheapest solution: disconnect the headset from the city network and use it with the powerbank. Now I want to use my headset with a 20000 mah powerbank. But I don't know what kind of powerbank and connection cable to use. Who wants to help?

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