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Vive Trackers Periodic Jitter


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Like most Vive problems, it wasn't happening the day before, and just started happening now.


For the most part, my trackers are usually flawless and I have no apparent jittering or tracking problems. But now, after letting my trackers sit overnight, they seem to want to jitter. Its not all the time though. They track amazingly, but around every 5 - 8 seconds they will jitter in place for a second, whether I'm moving or standing still, then return to perfect tracking. Sometimes its really soft, and other times they completely fly away, the only thing that is consistent is when they do it.


I've been troubleshooting for about a week now, with no results. I've tried about everything in the book.


  1. Restarting Steam VR

  2. Reinstalling Steam VR

  3. Multiple computer restarts

  4. Closing all other running and background applications

  5. Completely wiping the computer

  6. Using the sync cable

  7. Adjusting base stations

I'm completely at a loss as to whats happening. It's also strange cause its only the trackers. The headset and hand controllers work perfectly. So, It can't be a problem with the base stations, and can't be a problem with my computer, cause I clean wiped it and they still didn't work with only Steam VR being installed. I also highly doubt its the trackers themselves, cause if they were dirty, they just wouldn't track, and they couldn't have broken from just sitting on my desk overnight.

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Hi Michael,

How many trackers do you have, and what do you mean by "Let sit over night?" As in you just left them on? That shouldn't be an issue by itself. Try repairing the trackers and running room set up again. Also, check your base stations and make sure they're both showing the correct number of internal lights.

Thank you,
-Jack S

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