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Help Needed - How to load VR content into the Vive Pro


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My company bought a Vive Pro headset and we have some VR content.


I need to know :

a. What are the VR content formats supported on Vive Pro ?

b. Is there a step by step guide on how to load this content into the Vive pro


I believe the content is like just a VR tour of a facility.


Appreciate if someone can help urgently ! Thanks !




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Hi Chg,

A) Vive Pro uses SteamVR as it's platform for running the full VR experience. You're going to need that at the very least. If you have VR content in the form of a game, running on Unity or Unreal or something like that, you can just launch the executable if it's compatible with SteamVR based headsets.
B) You can't 'load' content into Vive Pro since it doesn't have any internal storage. It must be connected to a PC, running SteamVR and from there (The PC) your content can be run.

Thank you,
-Jack S

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