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Tracking station 2.0 blinking red light


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I just set up my vive pro for the first time (it was used). And one of the base stations is blinking red after startup every time I plug it in.


Tracking seems to be fine in SteamVR, and it says both base stations are connected. Is there any way to check what error code the base station is suffering from?

I've also searched for somewhere to buy a 2.0 base station, but they don't seem to be available anywhere.



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It sounds like you were at least partially scammed. Valve hasn't really developed out any advanced error reporting for the 2.0 base stations and have simply kept it so where a blinking red light means the unit is physically damaged and requires physical inspection and repair.

This is sort of tricky - the warranties aren't transferable. That person could have RMA'ed that base station and the repair would have likely been fully covered under warranty but instead they chose to misrepresent the product's condition and sold you a base station they likely knew required repair. That's awful - I'm very sorry to hear someone did this to you. 


Valve hasn't authorized any entity to sell individual base stations but are beginning to sell them directly - it's technically in pre-order but orders are starting to ship out this week. Here's that store listing: link.

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Hi David!


That sucks! I was prepared for something to not work when I bought it, it was a craigslist find for a pretty low price. I'm glad this is the only thing wrong with it!


Thank you for that link!! I'll submit an order for one, it says they'll be shipping very soon.


Is there any paid support for damaged base stations? Where I could mail it in, have it fixed, and pay for that?

- So the warranty isn't transferrable so I can't RMA the station, but is there a way for me to pay to have it fixed? Thanks again!

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