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How to teleport while having an object

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I am using the teleport script of the VIU to move around in my scene. I can also grab objects with the BasicGrabbable script. But once I have an item grabbed and teleport, I automaticially drop the object. Is there a way in the VIU scripts to combine both, teleporting and grabbing an item?

Id be very thankful for any answers.

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 Could you try using ViveCameraRig, ViveCollider and ViveCurvePointers prefabs?

For ViveRig prefab uses ControllerManagerSample.cs which will such behavior that you mentioned.

When you try to teleport, it will disable the Grabber gameobject which will release the object you grabbed.

Either you need to modify the ControllerManagerSample.cs to your custom behavior or replace ViveRig prefab with those 3 prefabs I mentioned above to fix your problem.

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