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[HTC Vive Tracker] How to stay awake when no movement for a long while?


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I had a tracking system which only use vive trackers without headset. It works fine so far but the trackers will be turned off themselves when no movement.

In general, when tracker stays connected, it will show as green light.
However, if there is no movement for a while(let say 30mins), it will disconnect itself automatically and the light will be turned off too. I have to turn on the tracker and pair it again.

It probably will be a problem related to SteamVR settings. But hopefully someone can give me some advise.

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Hello @Leoson I think they're are two potential layers at play.

On the SteamVR layer, you can go into the in-HMD settings and find the power management tab to change the time it takes for SteamVR to send out a power off command. I've copied a screenshot of that menu layer below.

That said, there may be a hard inactivity limit on the firmware of the tracker itself. These exist in order to prevent accidental battery depletion. I'm reaching out to additional team members to ask about any potential firmware component. Based off my experience with our MR bay, I believe they'll remain on if you have them plugged into a power source.steam_power.jpg

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