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Double Vision in Vive Pro Headset after upgrade


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I recently swapped out two Vega64s from my system to a RTX2080Ti card. I decided to give the Vive Pro another go, as the Vega performance wasn't the greatest.

Oddly though, it appears to have gotten worse.

When I load any title from SteamVR, when you move your head, it is almost as if you are drunk, and you start seeing more than one of the same item, until you stop moving.

It doesn't seem to make any difference no matter what settings that I change, it is always the same horrible jerky motion when you look around with the double vision.

If anyone has any ideas on how to solve it, I would be greatly appreciative.



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Well, subsequently after reinstalling my machine, again. I have taken off the wireless attachment and put back the cables and plugged it back in via the link box, and this has removed with all traces my double vision blurriness that I previously mentioned.

I just find this very odd behaviour. It didn't do this with a lesser specification graphics card.

Does the WiGig card / Wireless attachment come with limitations that I am not aware of?

Some input from Vive themselves would be nice...

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Hi, it sounds like you're having some trouble with your wireless adapter. Performance can be degraded simply because the wireless card requires a lot more from your CPU and your motherboard than it would normally. Make sure your motherboard firmware/drivers are fully up to date and that your PCI-e slots are set to 3.0 mode for full power. Also, what CPU do you have?

Thank you,
-Jack S

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I updated the BIOS and chipset recently. I'm running the Zenith Extreme, with a TR1950X CPU, so there shouldn't be any shortage of PC power, with PCI Express 3.0 hard set in the BIOS as you mentioned.

Like I say it was working before, not perfectly with the AMD Vega 64 graphics cards, and I recently changed to an RTX2080Ti, as I found the performance rather lacking, which I blame on the Vega 64s.

I have it working by cable again now after a fresh reinstall, so I may try setting it back up again and see how I get on.

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