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How to get pose from VIVE tracker?


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We are a group of students currently working on a project. one of the things we need for our project is to get the rotational and positional location of the tracker not the controller.
We have tried multiple tutorials and steamvr etc to no avail.

We also went over the trackers guide for developers, but also there the positional data we were getting was of the headset, not the tracker.


Please could you help us and tell us the easiest way that we can get the position of the tracker in given times.

That by sending a command through unity or a c# script how can we get the above data at a certain time?.



Thanks in advance.



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I assume your project imported latest SteamVR Plugin and VIU v1.10.4, am I right?

Did you follow the instructions to correctly create htc_viu action set?

If not, please check out this wiki page.


You can get position and rotation by below c# script.

VivePose.GetPoseEx(TrackerRole.Tracker1).pos -> position

VivePose.GetPoseEx(TrackerRole.Tracker1).rot -> rotation

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