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<90 FPS, how does the Cosmos handle this?


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I see there is a checkbox in the Vive Console for "Motion Compensation". I'd like to know a little more about the method the Cosmos uses, since I presume it isn't using the SteamVR compositor or its methods.

SteamVR has "motion smoothing" and "reprojection". Windows Mixed Reality has motion vector reprojection. Oculus has asynchronous time and space warp. There is a good article here:


... that explains the different methods. A great image at the bottom summarizes the technology. Where does the Vive Cosmos lie on this image?

Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality are known for great reprojection. I've noticed quite a fair number of artifacts using the Vive Cosmos here. I know your engineers plates are quite full, but is this an area being looked at for improvement?


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