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Wlan antenna extension cable


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Hi all,
I'm using a VIVE pro  with wlan adapter. Because my playing area is around

the corner of my computer, I want to extend the cable of the antenna.
After I bought an extension online, the device is not recognized from the software.
The support was not very helpful. (They advised me to use the VIVE closer

to my computer 😒🥱)

Does anyone knows the solution. Or can tell me where I find a certified extension





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@Juhle - This is a bit of confusing post - are you talking about the official Vive Wireless Adapter? If so, the chat support agent is correct. The wireless adapter is not WiFi - it's a very different technology that's in a completely different spectrum far away from the 2.4/5Ghz of WiFi. The wireless adapter is a very high-bandwidth and performance heavy solution - it has to shuttle around gigabites of data per second using signaling that's optimized for 60Ghz which has very specific limitations. There is no reliable way to extend the wireless linkbox's antenna beyond the length that's provided in the box.

Extensions are officially unsupported due to the engineering hurdles that exist with 60Ghz. The Reddit community has reported that this cable can be used to extend the adapter ~2M - but it's simply not a 100% reliable solution and depending on the specific factors in your setup can result in alot of additional troubleshooting. Other community members have tried implementing PCI-E extenders but similarly, none of those solutions will be reliable or clean enough to actually recommend and any modification that you use to achieve a solution will be unable to hit parity with the adapter's designed use-case.

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