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Working 3rd party batteries with Cosmos wireless


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I'm starting a thread on confirmed working batteries for the vive cosmos wireless.

I am currently using the Omnicharge Ultimate which works great with the cosmos wireless, although a bit heavy.

Please only post confirmed batteries. This should be helpful for those looking for extra batteries.

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2 hours ago, joellipenta said:

@TomCgcmfc I charged it fully after unboxing it and it just happened to last for just about 2 1/2 hours exactly. 

Good for you mate.  Maybe see how you go after a few more cycles.  What are you using to charge your pack with?  Maybe you have something better than my 5v/2A wall charger.  I have ordered a new QC3.0 charger so this might help.  Main thing is I'm still going to need an extra pack sometime soon.

I cannot believe that the Cosmos wireless kit includes the old wireless kit's lower rated battery that cannot be used with the Cosmos.  Why the heck Vive did not at least swap it out for one like the new one?  Maybe just another example of someone not thinking the Cosmos release out properly.  Between this plus poor performance with my wireless kit with X Plane 11 and continuing poor controller compatibility I'm just about ready to park my Cosmos (and wireless kit) and just go back to using my good old Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors.  Then I will just wait for Cosmos development to catch up, which I'm sure it will over the next few months.

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