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about wireless live-streaming (Vive Focus Plus)


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Hi everyone!

we have a custom virtual reality project for Commercial operation which want use wireless live-streaming and we plan to purchase the vive focus plus, But as far as I know To use live-streaming you must use Vive Infinity service and put your applications to Viveport  marketplace? I don't know if my understanding is correct, In fact We cannot upload a custom project to the Viveport  marketplace, We just want to wireless live-streaming for our customers in our own way, Is there a way to do this?


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Focus Plus Streaming is definitely a beta feature - please be aware of that, it's not something we're directly saying is ready for full commercial deployments and we'll continue to push updates to the service in the coming months. It will require a 5G SSID.

It's intended for use with Viveport titles - it's the Viveport client that sends out all off the API calls that establish the pipe between OpenVR/SteamVR and the Focus Plus that enables streaming. At this time, if you launch something on Viveport - once the pipe is successfully open, you can then launch any SteamVR enabled executable afterwards. You cannot establish the connection without launching a Viveport title via the Viveport client currently.  This behavior may change in the future with successive SteamVR and Viveport client updates. 

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