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Ok this sounds more like a post for the Unreal Engine forum and I can see you already posted it there (so good thinking there).

If the bInit is indeed declared as a data member of the ViveportApiDemo then you can access the bInit variable from any function of the ViveportApiDemo class and change its value if you wish to. Make sure the variable is declared as a data member of the class and not as a global variable!

Based on my experience with Unreal Engine here is what you can do to communicate between Blueprint and C++.
- You can call a function in C++ that has a UFUNCTION(BlueprintImplementable) specifier in which case you can call the function from C++ but define what the function will do in Blueprints.
- You can use a UFUNCTION(BlueprintNative) specifier in which case it's like the case above but they can also have a C++ implementation.

I hope this helped. The Unreal engine forum may be better for similar questions unless you have a question speficially about the viveport API.

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The result that I got.
It seems to me that something static needs to be called into the function body.


void UViveportApiDemo::MyLicenseChecker::OnSuccess(long long issue_timelong long expiration_timeint latest_versionbool update_required)
             // something static ?

Thank you for helping to figure it out)

Error: illegal call of non-static member function





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Hi, @MariosBikos_HTC

I completely agree with you that there are different names in the functions.
This leads to some errors that are already fixed.
Never mind.

There is another decision to the above mentioned problem, which is works.
Below is shown in the screenshots.

There is another task.
How to check ID DLC License?
Always returns False.
Initialization is successful.

Thank you for helping me. I appreciate it!









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Added a component of the DLC to check the initialization of the DLC. Which is successful.

It is being tested for DLC Ready - True.

Index zero is not in range.

License Check - verification fails.

Available does not pass.



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