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i need base station connection select


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You can't really interface with the base-stations programmatically  - they're controlled by SteamVR and the OpenVR SDK doesn't really have any API's to the stations. There isn't much you can do with 1.0 stations on the management side - you can basically enable and disable basestation power management vie the "Power Management" button.

The only thing you can really do from the specific UI element you screenshoted from is to click the underlined part to identify the base-station by having it flash it's status LED.

The scan for basestation tool is pretty much only for 2.0 basestations, not 1.0 stations. With 2.0 stations - you use the scan for stations UI to manage basestation channels and resolve conflicts as there are 16 available channels. With 1.0 stations - you manage the channels via the phsyical button on the back of the unit and there are only 3 channels (A, B, C). A+B is for when you're using a sync cable, B+C is for when you're using the units built in optical sync if the stations have a direct line of sight to one another.


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